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Simply explained, Hosting is the location where your files which make up your website are stored. A Domain is the Internet address where you would find the files. For example; you have a filing cabinet (Server or Hosting Account) in your office at work. In this cabinet you keep files (Directory) . If you want to send a person to your office to see the file you would have to give them your address 123 Main Street (Domain) once there they can view it.

Introducing Our Latest Hosting Plans

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Shared Hosting Plans

Our Web Hosting Server nodes are built with World-Class hardware and never oversold. Offering Knowledgeable and Personal Support by our skilled technicians and support staff will manage your business web hosting. We provide personal support 24/7 to our clients. Contact us today and speak with us about you hosting needs.

We are Dedicated to providing Fast, Affordable WebSite Hosting with the best in Tech Support and Pricing. If you don't see a Hosting Plan to fit your needs, please ask and we will make one specially for you!.

Customer Review

“Rackhost utilizes the fasted and most reliable network I've ever hosted with.”

John Doe, CEO Example.com

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